Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome To The Invisible College

Revolve the letters in your mind. Do the math. Purify with water, consecrate with fire. Float through the cards, trace the runes back up the tree, pierce the Veil. Don't forget to breathe. Enter into the Invisible. For those with eyes to see there is a path marked by a silver thread that leads to that house not built by hands, the abbey on the mountain, the Invisible College.

This satellite campus is devoted to exploring the range of magical techniques, investigating the outer limits of human experience, and to tracking down and bringing to light the latest in occult news, from the highest reaches of Atziluth, to the lowest strata of Assiah. Our adepts in the field are hard at work bringing you updates on emerging conditions on the astral plane, the latest in magical theory and practice, and the changing face of the occult community. With operatives in Lemuria, the lonely towers of the Abyss, and all over the world, we seek to provide news for magicians, by magicians, from a truly illuminated perspective.

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Govina said...

Hi Austin,
I was a big fan of Out There and I was overwhelmed with glee after recently discovering that Out There lives on through Disinformation World News. I'm very behind on podcasts though and just heard the hubbub about the Summum monument going up next to the 10 Commandments. Have there been any developments on this?

Austin Gandy said...

Update (from wikipedia)

"On February 25, 2009, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against Summum in the Pleasant Grove case. Justice Samuel Alito, in his opinion for the court, explained that a municipality's acceptance and acquisition of a privately funded permanent monument erected in a public park while refusing to accept other privately funded permanent memorials is a valid expression of governmental speech, which is permissible and not an unconstitutional interference with the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech. According to Alito, "the display of a permanent monument in a public park" is perceived by an ordinary and reasonable observer to be an expression of values and ideas of the government, the owner of the park and the monument, even though the particular idea expressed by the monument is left to the interpretation of the individual observer. Alito made a clear distinction between forms of private speech in public parks, such a rallies and temporary holiday displays (Christmas trees and menorahs), and the government speech represented by permanent monuments. He opined that even long winded speakers eventually go home with their leaflets and holiday displays are taken down; but, permanent monuments endure and are obviously associated with their owners. Alito wrote, "cities and other jurisdictions take some care in accepting donated monuments." While Summum and its supporters, attempted to persuade the Court that preventing governments from selecting monuments on the basis of content would be tenable, Justice Alito noted that such a situation would put government in the position of accepting permanent monuments with conflicting messages, that do not represent the values and ideals of the community, or removing all monuments from public space. As described by Alito, if the law accorded with Summum and its supporters, New York would have been required to accept a Statue of Autocracy from the German Empire or Imperial Russia when it accepted the Statue of Liberty from France."

There you have it, folks. Judge Alito demands that we erect a statue to every God! So mote it be!