Sunday, August 28, 2011

What am I doing wrong?

I realize that by even addressing this I run the risk of ensuring its continuation. But I really have to ask: What in Odin's sweet name have I written about or referenced within the sacred confines of this blog that could ever convince the enigmatic algorithm which determines the targeted ads that wink at you even now from its periphery that a 'Christian Dating Site' belongs in the banner at the top of the page? Seriously, any theories are welcome.

But just in case, here's a dose of good old-fashioned conjuration of the Dark Powers, courtesy of the inimitable Vincent Price. Let's see if this can keep such an embarrassment from occurring in the future.


Kandinsky said...

Get your ass over to AdBlockPlus and say 'see ya' to all the extraneous BS cluttering your internet.

The targeted ads are still just don't have to look at them. The day's on its way when ads will be compulsory viewing so enjoy the opportunity while you still can.

As for the 'Christian dating' websites? Maybe talking about your favourite Jesus incident helps to avoid those awkward silences on bad dates? The meal is late, service bad and he/she isn't getting the blood going. Perfect icebreaker to discuss Jesus' comical adventures on the Mount.

"Man, how about Jesus and all those guests?! What a guy for catering on the spot." Cue laughter.

Austin Gandy said...

NAW SON! Those ads are one of the only ways this wastrel of a blog can keep its lights on! I don't want them gone per se, I just want them to be dancing crowley heads that promise knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel if you just "CLICK HERE!!!11". Or whatever it is that would get you lovely bunch of misfits to click the damn things.

That said, the seductive powers of a comprehensive biblical background are indisputable. Quoting chapter and verse while simultaneously going in for the awkward grope totally scrambles the brain of the unsuspecting faithful. They basically fall down and twitch like a possum, if you're into that sort of thing.